You’ve probably been able to sense our excitement about the official Jackson Restaurant Week cocktail, made with Cathead Vodka’s brand new Spring introduction! This cocktail will be served at the Kick-Off Party on April 11 and will more than likely be available at several participating restaurants throughout the full Jackson Restaurant Week!

Over the weekend, Cathead Vodka launched their new Honeysuckle Vodka and have gotten an overwhelming response to the all-natural, delicate, nostalgic drink. Majure Markow, Cathead’s Marketing Manager, told us that Honeysuckle was chosen because of the cross-generational Southern appeal. It brings back memories for people of all ages of picking honeysuckle flowers and tasting the nectar. Majure also tells us that it took Austin Evans and Richard Patrick, the owners of Cathead, two full years to get the taste of this new intro just right. What’s about to hit liquor store and bar shelves has been very carefully crafted right here in Mississippi!

A couple of members of the Eat Jackson team have tried this lightly sweet spirit and say it is something they think will do incredibly well. Our publisher said, “I don’t really even like vodka, but this was phenomenal.” That should tell you something right there!

Back to the signature cocktail…

The cocktail will be called First Blossom and will certainly feature the Honeysuckle Vodka, but that is all the detail we can give you right now! Once you try it, your next question will be, “Where can I buy this stuff?” Majure tells us that bottles should hit Mississippi retailers’ shelves sometime next week and will show up in restaurants shortly thereafter.

We can’t wait to hear your thoughts on Cathead’s Honeysuckle Vodka at the Kick-Off Party! There are still a few tickets left, so get yours now!