Need to know how to have the most possbile fun during Jackson Restaurant Week?

We’ve got some pointers!

1. Read about the five charities in the running for the $10,000 prize and pick your favorite. Get fired up about it! Get your friends fired up about it! Good for you, you found a new organization to get involved with.

2. In order for your newfound favorite charity to win the big money, you’ve got to get out and VOTE! The best way to get lots of votes in for your favorite charity is to eat out a lot (with friends in tow, of course)

3. In order to eat out as much as possible, you’ll need a game plan. Simply go to the restaurants page of the Jackson Restaurant Week site and map out your lunches and dinners for the seven days that are Jackson Restaurant Week.

a. Let us help your planning a little bit today…  These restaurants serve a JRW Menu on MONDAY. (Who ever said there weren’t many places open on Mondays?!)

1. AJ’s on Lakeland (lunch and dinner)

2. Amerigo (lunch and dinner)

3. Babalu (lunch and dinner)

4 Beagle Bagel Madison (lunch and dinner)

5. Brent’s Drugs (lunch only)

6. Broad Street Baking Company (lunch and dinner)

7. CHAR Restaurant (lunch and dinner)

8. Ely’s Restaurant and Bar (dinner only)

9. Fatsumo Sushi (lunch and dinner)

10. Jaco’s Tacos (lunch only)

11. Julep Restaurant and Bar (lunch and dinner)

12. King Edward Bar and Grill

13. Mint the Restaurant (lunch and dinner)

14. NICK’S! Restaurant (dinner only)

15. Old Capitol Inn (lunch only)

16. Pan Asia (lunch and dinner)

17. Primos Café and Bake Shop (lunch and dinner)

18. Sombra Mexican Kitchen (lunch and dinner)

19. Sophia’s Restaurant at Fairview Inn (dinner only)

20. Table 100 (dinner only)

21. The Copper Iris (lunch only)

22. Two Sisters Kitchen (lunch only)

23. Wasabi Sushi and Bar (lunch and dinner)

4. While you’re out eating, be sure to tweet and facebook about it! Send pictures to @eatjxn or @jxnrestaurantwk on Twitter telling us how UH-MAZING your meal is. Post a mobile upload to your Facebook Timeline all prettied up by Instagram or whatever it is you use!

5. Make CERTAIN that you put your email address on your ballots when you cast your vote. Otherwise, your votes DO NOT COUNT. If you plan to eat out a lot during the week and don’t like your handwriting, we suggest you get a stamp made of your email address? That could be handy well after JRW is over. (Only partially kidding.)

There you have it: Our guide on how to have the most fun during this wonderful, wonderful week!