About Jackson Restaurant Week - Jackson Restaurant Week

About Jackson Restaurant Week

Jackson Restaurant Weeks, set for October 9 – 15, will be a fun week of food in the Jackson, Mississippi area. We’ve put together a great group of restaurants that you’ll love, and they’ll be serving up some of their menu’s best during Jackson Restaurant Week. In addition to setting the stage for you to taste the best food that Jackson has to offer (which is, of course, among the best anywhere!)… we’ll also be benefiting a local charity with a well-deserved cash prize.

How Does It Work?

Our all-star restaurant line-up is coming soon and we’ll provide all the details you’ll need to know to enjoy Jackson Restaurant Week: location, price points and menus for lunch and/or dinner. You can call them for more info, reserve a table if they accept reservations and read everything we’ve ever written about them over at EatJackson.com – and much more.

To get started, you just need to pick a price point, location and meal (lunch or dinner), and we’ll show you the best in Jackson. The menus will show you exactly what you can expect for your money. Each restaurant will have different options, but you can expect a lot of package prices – like an appetizer and entrée combination for a set price. The bottom line? There’s no guesswork with Jackson Restaurant Week. You’ll know what you’re getting and the price of it before you even walk in the door. For the most part, however, drinks, tax and tip will not be included, so don’t forget to tip those hard working servers!

Don’t Forget to Vote!

On top of being exposed to the best food in Jackson, there’s an even better reason to dine…

With each order off a Jackson Restaurant Week menu, you’ll get a ballot allowing you to vote for your favorite of the five charity finalists. When the week ends, the votes will be tallied, and one winning charity will pick up a check!!!

Save the Dates!

So plan now and save the dates for October 9 – 15, 2017. You’ll want to eat out every meal during the week, so you don’t miss the best Jackson has to offer—and so your charity gets to pick up that Charity Check at the end of the week.

Support local food. Support local charities. And best of all… support your local economy by supporting your taste buds in style.

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