Jackson Restaurant Week is only three weeks away! And things are getting more and more exciting by the minute! Here’s a look at what you can start getting pumped up about…
1. We’ve got Cathead Vodka working on an official Jackson Restaurant Week cocktail, which will be served at the Kick-Off Party. You do NOT want to miss this… because it will be something VERY special!

2. Associated Food Equipment & Supplies, our presenting sponsor for Spring 2012 Jackson Restaurant Week, has secured some killer loot for the swag bags to be given away at the Kick-Off Party… We are REALLY excited about these!

3. The selection of the five charity finalists is underway. We’ll have an announcement for you on April 2 with the five contenders for the $10,000 Charity Check!

4. Individual menus for Jackson Restaurant Week are coming in by the hour, and boy are they looking SPEC-TACULAR! If you want the first taste, be sure to grab your tickets to our Jackson Restaurant Week VIP Kick-Off Party.

5. Speaking of which… our seriously amazing VIP Kick-Off Party has the best sponsors EVER… so great that they made it possible for us to LOWER the price on the ticket from $100 to only $29… that’s pretty amazing. Only a few tickets left, so you better grab yours before they’re gone. We will NOT be selling tickets at the door. Buy tickets here!
What we need from YOU!
Help us get the word out! Help a great local charity win by making sure everyone you know is aware of this worthy eating event! Use e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, text messages and the good ole’ telephone or water cooler to start spreading the word today!

This is going to be one seriously fun week of food, with a stellar party to get the week started off on the right foot. Stay tuned for more updates!