We were able to catch up with Adam Horlock of Associated Food Equipment & Supplies, Inc., the presenting sponsor of Spring 2012 Jackson Restaurant Week, for a few words on what they are most excited about in regards to JRW! We could not agree with him more!

Associated is very excited to sponsor Jackson Restaurant Week 2012. For us, Jackson is home, and this allows us to help our local culinary talent, as well as some extraordinary charities. What this event allows for is our local restaurants to be recognized on both a local and regional level – giving them the exposure and credit they deserve for the great work they do each day. Most do not truly know or appreciate the extraordinary culinary scene here in Jackson. As locals, it is something we have come to know on a daily basis – yet for those beyond the metro area, it is something that needs to be recognized, and Jackson Restaurant Week is the vehicle to drive that message home.  It is our hope that the this event will rightly put Jackson on the map as a culinary destination for the Southeast and beyond – and as a company, Associated is committed and excited to take part in this endeavor!